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With the reach of internet growing year over year, more and more content is being generated online. From matters as small as fixing a light bulb to as big as a satellite launch by NASA, there are answers to everything on the net. Increasing number of people reach out to internet for information making it a great medium of communication to masses. Businesses hence use internet as an opportunity to communicate about their products and services. So while the reach of internet is large, the competition to stand out amidst all others offering similar products, services or even information is also strong. To be able to beat the completion, Search Engine Optimization aka SEO is used.

Most users of internet use various search engines like Google or Yahoo to look for specific information. And most of the times, users do not proceed beyond the first page of the search results. This indicates the level of competition and the high requirement of optimizing the content of any webpage for search engines so that it features amongst the first page of the search results. Search engines use different algorithm that take into consideration many factors before assigning a rank to the page. The page with highest rank shows up first on the search results. The most important of these parameters is the keyword density, which is the number of times the words being searched are present on the page.

There are many SEO agencies that offer service of optimizing website content. Selecting the top SEO agencies amongst all of them depends on the parameters being considered for evaluation – from customer feedback to pricing of services. While different ranking agencies identify different agencies as the top SEO agencies, some of the top SEO agencies are listed below –Webpage FX – Based out of Philadelphia, Webpage FX understands the role of internet marketing in brand building. The services provided by them range from SEO to website designing to running pay per click marketing campaigns.

Boostability – A team of energetic and brilliant digital enthusiasts, Boostability is located in Lehi, Utah. They specialize in blending the on page and off page optimizations to create a SEO that is second to none. Friendly and inviting, the team believes in including clients during all phases of work to provide him the freedom to be in control of the process.Straight North – Located in Downers Gove Illinois, Straight North specializes in SEO and Pay per click campaigns. Having built a big base of happy and satisfied clients, Straight North has proved their mettle in the SEO world. As they say, they make every click count for their clients.

SEO Image – SEO image is located in New York and provides specialized SEO services to clients across the globe. The team has strong knowledge and uses a number of innovative strategies to increase the value of a website to search engines.Ignite Visibility – Identified as the top SEO agency in California, Ignite visibility is located in San Diego works towards client satisfaction with great zeal. They combine SEO with other marketing techniques helping their customers gain increased exposure and expand their business.

Free Speech Books – Knowledge

Hello friends,

Today we will discuss important pieces of knowledge in the form of books that’ll amplify your business, your income, but most importantly, your brain. The three books I cover will give you confidence, competence, and will aid you on your current through the human experience. In effect, you will free the speech of your mind through the books you read.

First off, I will lightly describe Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Being one of Dale Carnegie’s students, he describes the importance of faith, persistence, organized knowledge, and desire that is converted into its’ monetary value. Through the power of organized knowledge and planning, this book can seriously change your outlook on marketing, advertising, and how the world analyzes money. Read this book: Free your Speech.

Next, Dale Carnegie’s book How to Win Friends and Influence People was a mind-bending piece of advice written in the post-era of the U.S.’ depression. In 1937 he describes how to approach businesses, how to criticize without actually openly criticizing your opponent. You learn how to make people like you. It makes a world of a difference for marketing and conversion.

Last, but certainly not least, we will discuss Mastery by Robert Greene. In this book, Greene paints pictures of different historical figures such as Darwin, Max Roach, and Da Vinci and how their upbringing affected their life success. What is most important is that these individuals each had their own mentors, teachers, and even flaws. To acquire mastery in any art, science, or skill, you must spend at least 10,000 hours in it.

These books helped me discover myself.

Everyone should read these three books because these authors will change your life for the absolute better.

Free speech, read a book, change your life.

EDIT: Here’s a TED talk for inspiration:

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